Wella Medical Aid Society Ltd (WEMAS) has opened its doors to Blantyre Residents after opening its office in Blantyre on 1st May 2020. WEMAS started operations on 1st April 2020 at its Head Office in Lilongwe and the office in Blantyre signifies its commitment to reach out to its potential customers in the Southern Region. 

“This office is a great milestone just one month after starting our operations in Malawi. We are here to reach out to our customers throughout the country” commented the Chief Executive Officer of the Company Mr MacDonald Wella.

WEMAS Blantyre office
The Blantyre Office Housed In Stand Number 64N4 – Tradefair Grounds

The purpose of the Blantyre Office is to serve the customers and Service Providers of the Company who are based in Blantyre and the whole Southern Region. It is the policy of the Company to bring its services as close as possible to the people we serve.

The location of the office itself is very strategic and central so that all customers can have easy access to our offices. The office is in the Tradefair Grounds at Stand Number 64N4 next to Atameje Driving School as you go towards Maldeco Shop.

WEMAS has been touted as the most innovative medical insurance company in Malawi because of its products and services which are highly differentiated from any other medical insurance company existing in Malawi.

WEMAS was registered on 20th March 2020 and it started operations on 1st April 2020 with the sole goal of bringing differentiated and innovative products on the market in Malawi. The Company has been challenging those people who are serious about taking control of their health to embrace the creativity that is displayed in the products being promoted by the Company.

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