Our obligation

We're Obligated To Serve

Our obligation to our customers is to serve. We achieve high levels of service through the humility and dedication of our staff. By looking at the list of services below, you should surely note how serious we are with your health. Apart from the traditional medical scheme services, we provide extra services at an affordable cost to our customers

Our services

What we do

1. Provision of Medical Cover
We provide Medical Cover to both Corporate and Individual customers. We do realize that this is our core business and that is why our schemes are innovative and differentiated to ensure that our customers get the best the health insurance industry can provide. Products in this category include:
2. Medical Scheme Administration
We provide Medical Scheme Administration services to other Medical Schemes especially in-house schemes.

Whole Scheme Administration

This is where the in-house scheme gives us the responsibility of managing the premiums and claims of the medical scheme. However, the profits and losses will be shouldered by the in-house scheme. Under this arrangement, WEMAS will report to the Board of the Medical Scheme and will be paid a percentage of the premiums as an administration fee.

Medical Claims Administration

This is where WEMAS is given the responsibility of managing the claims component only. We manage the Service Providers and scrutinize claims against the Scheme Rules. We then forward admissible Claims to the in-house scheme for payment. Under this arrangement WEMAS is paid a percentage of claims for the work done.

Do you desire to improve the health of your loved ones?

We are looking forward to help you realize your desire in a way you never thought. We offer a unique service offering which not only meets your existing medical requirements, but also seek to anticipate your future medical needs