Pensioners Medical Scheme

Live the golden age

The scheme was developed in order to take care of the healthcare needs of the elderly who are aged 55 years and above. Most Medical Schemes do not cover people above 55 years old and this brings in a problem of access to healthcare for this group of people who need the healthcare more than other age group.

Wella Medical Aid Society is proud to introduce Pensioners Medical Scheme to cover this need. The scheme includes generous benefits which comprises of medical benefits and a funeral cover of up to MK1,000,000.


This is a highest level of coverage we have for pensioners. It offers comprehensive benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of the elderly.


Get a balanced level of coverage in our Pensioners Medical Scheme. It is a cost-effective option without compromising on quality healthcare.


This package offers essential healthcare coverage. It is a budget-friendly option for retirees who require basic medical benefits
Live the golden age

All premiums include:

  • Inpatient & Outpatient

    All Out Patient and In Patient Treatments are covered except where the condition is an exclusion

  • Generous funeral cover

    Generous complimentary package of funeral cover. In fact our funeral provision is much better than most medical insurance providers on the market. Our funeral cover ranges from MK500,000 to MK1 million depending on the level of cover that you choose.

  • Emergency Evacuation

    Emergency evacuation including Ambulance services within Malawi


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    As soon as they report. We simply refer them to a service provider to get the services.
    Corporate and Family Medical Scheme Members who have used less than 25% of their annual premiums.
    Only if pensioners visit specialist hospitals otherwise our schemes don't have any shortfalls