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Boss Fisheries Limited Advocates for Wella Medical Aid Society

Wella Medical Aid Society (Wemas) returned K190 500 to nine Boss Fisheries employees who did not incur 25% of medical bills in the previous year. Boss Fisheries Limited, a company that specializes in the distribution of seafood and fish, has rallied support for the privately owned Wella Medical Aid Society (WEMAS), claiming that it is […]
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A Silent Epidemic: Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health

Our fathers, partners, brothers, and friends are facing a hidden health crisis. Men are dying at an alarmingly young age. This November we acknowledge all the men struggling with mental health. On average, 13 men each day take their life by suicide globally. Men are less likely to seek mental health care than women because […]
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WEMAS Gives Back To Clients

WELLA Medical Aid Society Limited (WEMAS) on Monday gave back cash ranging from K168, 000 to K363, 000 to some of its clients who have not gone to the hospital or incurred any medical bill over the last 12 months. It is the policy of the company to give an option to its clients to […]
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Wemas visits Mchinji Triplets

Wella Medical Aid Society (Wemas) visited the Sentiasi family based in Mchinji. This was a follow-up visit to one which had been made in march following the SOS sent by the Mchinji social welfare officer earlier this year. Joyce Malika called on well-wishers to donate to the family as Siwema Joseph and her husband Abraham […]
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Multi-seeds receives cash back

On Monday the 17th of January WEMAS celebrated Chilembwe day with a cashback event in honor of one of the first corporate clients; Multi-seeds. Multi-seeds members of staff received their cashback benefit after clocking a year on their scheme and using less than 25 percent of their premium. Currently Multi-seeds has 22 principle members and […]
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WEMAS gives cashback to the first customer

WEMAS has honoured its promise that it will be giving cash back to medical aid members who spend less than 25% of their annual premiums at every anniversary of their scheme. The first beneficiary was Monica Chimbu who joined WEMAS on 1st June last year, in total trust that this new medical scheme would live […]
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