Wella Medical Aid Society (Wemas) visited the Sentiasi family based in Mchinji. This was a follow-up visit to one which had been made in march following the SOS sent by the Mchinji social welfare officer earlier this year.

Joyce Malika called on well-wishers to donate to the family as Siwema Joseph and her husband Abraham Sentiasi are poor and have barely enough to sustain the livelihood of the three newborn children.

The triplets were born prematurely end January 2022 and had to be refered to kangaroo care services.

Wemas’ sales and marketing manager Fenwick Mussa said the company was touched by the plight faced by the Sentiasi family.

Making the first donation Mussa said the social and economic growth of Malawi depends on healthy people and hence it was important for others to join the bandwagon by donating other necessities to the family.

Fenwick Mussa (Wemas – Marketing Manager)

“As a medical insurance company we thought it wise to come and contribute something so that the mother and her newborns are in robust health.”

On his second visit to the family Mussa said he was gratified to see the family’s situation was much improved and that the mother and triplets looked hale and hearty.




Some of the items donated on those two occasions included milk, food supplements, baby blankets, diapers, clothes, maize flour and sugar.

Commenting separately on the matter Mchinji district social welfare officer Joyce Malika concurred with Mussa that every Malawian has the right to be in good health but appealed to well-wishers for more support.

On her part Joseph thanked Wemas for the gesture and appealed to other private companies and individuals to emulate Wemas.

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